So I have heard lately that twitter is where most professionals are at now a day.  Twitter is a text based entry or post of what ever you’re doing.  It is meant to be a small entry has to be shorter then140 characters in length.  It is is pretty much to stay connected with people in your life and tell about the small things in your life.  You can tweet as it is called about almost anything you want examples “Testing out some new coffee this morning yum blah blah blah coffee” or “Started reading a new book today the world and you”. Twitter is a free social networking service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets.  You can follow almost anyone on twitter form your best friend to even famous celebrities. I myself do not use twitter but after doing this research I can see it has many advantages being connected to twitter.  IF we don’t have to do it in class I am thinking about signing up for twitter and post some tweets and what ever you do.   Twitter you can easily learn a lot about people by what they post about like, like if you didn’t know about and he is a big Dallas stars fan.  You to know a lot of the small things in people lives that you might not know or get to talk to them about.


Podcasting is digital series on information that gets released in a series and downloaded through the internet.  It is very much like an RSS feed where you have to use a Podcatcher to be able to get the newest downloads.  The most common used podcatcher are itunes, zune, juice and winamp they just download the newest files in the series through web feeds.  Anyone in the world pretty much if they have a computer they them self can make a podcast.  Podcast is not like broadcasting through the T.V and radio but download through the internet and onto people computer or music devices.  The term podcasting is still under debate some thing it comes form the Apple Ipod well others have different opinions.  Then Vodcasting is the newer, better podcasting.  Although they are similar Vodacasting is a few steps above podcasting but adding video and more interactive features.  They both still run off RSS feeds and Pod/Vod  catchers.  This whole thing kind of surprises me I really didn’t know this kind of thing was out there.  Although I am still not really sure what kind of information gets put up in podcast I think I will have to try some to fully understand how podcast really work and how they are used?  Vodcasting seems a little trickier like it would be done more on a computer rather then an ipod.  Also do you just simply delete an old podcast/vodcast when you’re done with it?

At first I had no idea what Communities of Practice: Learning as a Social System meant or anything like that.  Communities of Practice are things that almost everyone is in with out even relieving it.  They are like informal groups of people that are interested in a common goal problem or field.  They share an interest in something that they share ideas theory and problems with.  If you have a problem that you can not figure out your self but you know someone in a Communities of Practice that might know it or have better knowledge then you.  “You are good at what you do, but although you know where your paycheck comes from, the corporation mainly remains an abstraction for you. The group you actually work for is a relatively small community of people who share your working conditions. It is with this group that you learn the intricacies of your job, explore the meaning of your work, construct an image of the company, and develop a sense of yourself as a worker.”  I this section it tells how simple and basic yet how so effective CoP are.

You are good at
what you do, but although you know where your paycheck comes from, the
corporation mainly remains an abstraction for you. The group you actually work for is a
relatively small community of people who share your working conditions. It is with this
group that you learn the intricacies of your job, explore the meaning of your work,
construct an image of the company, and develop a sense of yourself as a worker. I really like this blog post because it is perfect example of what makes a successful blog.  If you want to make a great blog I would suggest doing what that post says.  Your blog has to have a good since of personality and the subject should be something that you and other find interning.  You don’t have to post something like everyday what really matters is the quality of the post.   Also you need to consider the feedback to might get it will not always be positive or negative it could just be bring up something you might have missed or not considered.  What you post about is also important if you post about the same thing week after week it could get boring fast so considering throwing a curveball in there every once in awhile but the general theme of the post should be easily understood. A blog or originally weblog had slow start the around the turn of the century it has be more popular each day.  Around the 90’s there were just threads and web forms then it evolved into more of a personal diary kind of like it is today. The term blog was brought up as a joke by a guy named Peter Merholz. Now almost anyone can make a blog through blogging site and software when before there was not really much available unless you owned your own website.  In 1999 a few blogging site were published exmplaes:, Open Diary, Live Journal, really helped start this whole part of the internet know as blogging.  Now people can create blogs for almost anything they want from protesting against something or just keeping in touch with old friends.

With blogging you can talk to and share you ideas with anyone around the world.  You’re going to met all different kinds of people that might have different idea then you.  You might have a problem that you can’t find a solution for so you go on the internet for some help. You happen to stumble onto someone’s blog about the same problem and how they solved that problem in a way you had not even thought about before.  There are thousands of people out there with similar problems that come up with completely different answers then you and they have step by step details on how they did it all on the internet you just have to know where to look.

RSS is a way for delivering regularly changing web content.  The easyest wasy to mange Rss is with a feeder. Instead of going to every web site and click through those pages so you can find the new topics you wish to veiw.  With a RSS reader you can click on the rss feed for that site and add it to your reeder.  Which the reeder will update the post every time there is a change in information.  So you can simply go to your reader to check on all the new information instead of going through 3 or 4 web sites which takes time.  There reasons to use RSS feeds that it saves time and step to get information and makes it easyer and faster to get more new information.  The RSS are most of the time summary of the topic giving a few detail here and there.  To get most of the information you can just click on the link and it well simply load the info right there without switching to another page.  The infomaton is mostly new to me as well so i plan on soon getting a free RSS feeder and puting some feeds into to make searching the internet faster.  I have a few web sites that i check  almost few hours so i can see the advantages of RSS.  I found this video that explained how easy it was to setup a RSS Feeder.  I only wish that I would have know about this stuff ealier it would have been so much easyier to find some stuff.

It’s a area or space in which a person knows that space is just for them where they sit down or stand up and have almost complete creative  control.  The environment around them is there to manage there time set goals for the future and getting stuff done.  My Personal Learning Environment is in my room sitting in my rolling chair faceing my desks and computer screens.  The desk  is normaly very messy it  filled with many coke cans, pens, pencils, and other random items.  Then normaly im talking to people on the computer or listening to music well getting stuff done.  Some PLE are actaul programs that help u magne your time.  They have time schedules that you can set up and stick to so you dont get side tracked with other things.  Others PLE are some web based services that can help u plan, set, and mange goals for the future.  PLE’s  help mange your learning but profiding exps also they mange the content you learn so it would filter out the useless stuff you dont need to know.  Also the progess at which you learn  so if your very visual there is lots of picture or if  you have to hear stuff to get it they say it out loud for you.  PLE are new  and are going to challenge the current way schools and INST are teaching.  I think if we can combine them in a unique fashion the new system of teaching could bring the world into a new level of thinking.



  Your top three intelligences:

Intelligence Score (5.0 is highest) Description

Social 4.43 Social: You like to develop ideas and learn from other people. You like to talk. You have good social skills. Effective techniques of enhancing your learning using your social intelligence include taking part in group discussions or discussing a topic one-to-one with another person. Find ways to build reading and writing exercises into your group activities, such as:

  • Reading a dialogue or a play with other people
  • Doing team learning/investigating projects
  • Setting up interview questions and interviewing your family, and writing down the interview
  • Writing notes to another instead of talking.

Self 4 Self: You have a very good sense of self. You like to spend time by yourself and think things over. You will often take in information from another person, mull it over by yourself, and come back to that person later to discuss it. You like working on projects on your own. You often prefer to learn by trial and error. Effective techniques to enhance your learning include keeping a journal and giving yourself time to reflect on new ideas and information. More ideas:

  • Go on “guided imagery” tours.
  • Set aside time to reflect on new ideas and information.
  • Encourage journal writing.
  • Work on the computer.
  • Practice breathing for relaxation.
  • Use brainstorming methods before reading.
  • Listen to and read “how to” tapes and books.
  • Read cookbooks.

Body 3.71 Body Movement: You like to move, dance, wiggle, walk, and swim. You are likely good at sports, and you have good fine motor skills. You may enjoy taking things apart and putting them back together. Incorporating body movement into your learning will help you process and retain information better. Here are some ideas.

  • Trace letters and words on each other’s back.
  • Use magnetic letters, letter blocks, or letters on index cards to spell words.
  • Take a walk while discussing a story or gathering ideas for a story.
  • Make pipe cleaner letters. Form letters out of bread dough. After you shape your letters, bake them and eat them!
  • Use your whole arm (extend without bending your elbow) to write letters and words in the air.
  • Change the place where you write and use different kinds of tools to write, ie., typewriter, computer, blackboard, or large pieces of paper.
  • Write on a mirror with lipstick or soap.
  • Take a walk and read all the words you find during the walk.
  • Handle a Koosh ball or a worry stone during a study session.
  • Take a break and do a cross-lateral walk.

I mostly agree with the Assessment i like talking with people wither it be on the phone, on ventrilo or in perosn. Im a very easy person to get along with maybe a little quiet or shy at first but its w/e. I also like to just spend time by myself either read or just think about life itself and or anything that else that seems fun.

Web 2.0 refers to the second generation of web development and web design sometimes viewed as a new version of the internet.  It has helped to create many things like blogs, wikis, video sharing and social networking sites.  The term was brought up at the 2004  O’Reilly Web 2.0 conference.  Web 2.0 is the network as platform spanning all connected devices.  Web 2.0 websites allow users to do more than just retrieve information, also allows users to run software-applications entirely through a browser. The term suggests a new version of the Web, it does not refer to an update to anything technical, but rather a change in the way software developers  utilize the Web.   Web 2.0 is not very well defined. It’s more a term that describes the latest revolution of Internet interfaces, including design and user interaction.  A lot of content control is given to users in Web 2.0 applications, such as with YouTube, FaceBook and MySpace.  Design in Web 2.0 is cleaner and leaner, as a general rule, such as with most popular blogs.  The concept of “Web 2.0” began with a conference brainstorming session between O’Reilly and MediaLive International.  Dale Dougherty, web pioneer and O’Reilly VP, noted that far from having “crashed”, the web was more important than ever, with exciting new applications and sites popping up with surprising regularity.  It also bring openness of data and services, to contrast with closed data that still exist today.  One of the most highly touted features of the Web 2.0  is the rise of blogging.

Interactive media is any from of media that allows active interaction.  It can be any kind of media weather it be a web banner, video, picture, video game but is are just limited to just digital media.  In interactive media there has to be a two way communication established.  The media and the user some how have to talk to each, they have to communicate what they are doing to each other.  Most people these days think interactive media as just like an advisement, game or something around those lines.  Interactive Media almost has unlimited possible for the future wither more into the touch screen or maybe just by looking into it.  As all media relies on communication to do what ever it wants get your attention or give you important news information.  Strangely enough board games and pop-up books can me interactive media they both set up communication with the users. A DVD menu, on the other hand, allows the user the ability to alter the state of the video via a system of user inputs.  Interactive Media is a vague term by which to categorize content by definition, almost any digital content is interactive media. Thus, interactive media can also be discussed in terms of an interactive experience, and what causes a user to have a satisfying interactive experience. A simple web page is interactive media, but lacks the other connotations of interactive media.  Users are satisfied with interactive experiences which utilize multiple media types (animation, sounds, imagery, and video) at the same time without overwhelming the user with any or all of the content types.

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