Interactive media is any from of media that allows active interaction.  It can be any kind of media weather it be a web banner, video, picture, video game but is are just limited to just digital media.  In interactive media there has to be a two way communication established.  The media and the user some how have to talk to each, they have to communicate what they are doing to each other.  Most people these days think interactive media as just like an advisement, game or something around those lines.  Interactive Media almost has unlimited possible for the future wither more into the touch screen or maybe just by looking into it.  As all media relies on communication to do what ever it wants get your attention or give you important news information.  Strangely enough board games and pop-up books can me interactive media they both set up communication with the users. A DVD menu, on the other hand, allows the user the ability to alter the state of the video via a system of user inputs.  Interactive Media is a vague term by which to categorize content by definition, almost any digital content is interactive media. Thus, interactive media can also be discussed in terms of an interactive experience, and what causes a user to have a satisfying interactive experience. A simple web page is interactive media, but lacks the other connotations of interactive media.  Users are satisfied with interactive experiences which utilize multiple media types (animation, sounds, imagery, and video) at the same time without overwhelming the user with any or all of the content types.