It’s a area or space in which a person knows that space is just for them where they sit down or stand up and have almost complete creative  control.  The environment around them is there to manage there time set goals for the future and getting stuff done.  My Personal Learning Environment is in my room sitting in my rolling chair faceing my desks and computer screens.  The desk  is normaly very messy it  filled with many coke cans, pens, pencils, and other random items.  Then normaly im talking to people on the computer or listening to music well getting stuff done.  Some PLE are actaul programs that help u magne your time.  They have time schedules that you can set up and stick to so you dont get side tracked with other things.  Others PLE are some web based services that can help u plan, set, and mange goals for the future.  PLE’s  help mange your learning but profiding exps also they mange the content you learn so it would filter out the useless stuff you dont need to know.  Also the progess at which you learn  so if your very visual there is lots of picture or if  you have to hear stuff to get it they say it out loud for you.  PLE are new  and are going to challenge the current way schools and INST are teaching.  I think if we can combine them in a unique fashion the new system of teaching could bring the world into a new level of thinking.