RSS is a way for delivering regularly changing web content.  The easyest wasy to mange Rss is with a feeder. Instead of going to every web site and click through those pages so you can find the new topics you wish to veiw.  With a RSS reader you can click on the rss feed for that site and add it to your reeder.  Which the reeder will update the post every time there is a change in information.  So you can simply go to your reader to check on all the new information instead of going through 3 or 4 web sites which takes time.  There reasons to use RSS feeds that it saves time and step to get information and makes it easyer and faster to get more new information.  The RSS are most of the time summary of the topic giving a few detail here and there.  To get most of the information you can just click on the link and it well simply load the info right there without switching to another page.  The infomaton is mostly new to me as well so i plan on soon getting a free RSS feeder and puting some feeds into to make searching the internet faster.  I have a few web sites that i check  almost few hours so i can see the advantages of RSS.  I found this video that explained how easy it was to setup a RSS Feeder.  I only wish that I would have know about this stuff ealier it would have been so much easyier to find some stuff.