I really like this blog post because it is perfect example of what makes a successful blog.  If you want to make a great blog I would suggest doing what that post says.  Your blog has to have a good since of personality and the subject should be something that you and other find interning.  You don’t have to post something like everyday what really matters is the quality of the post.   Also you need to consider the feedback to might get it will not always be positive or negative it could just be bring up something you might have missed or not considered.  What you post about is also important if you post about the same thing week after week it could get boring fast so considering throwing a curveball in there every once in awhile but the general theme of the post should be easily understood. A blog or originally weblog had slow start the around the turn of the century it has be more popular each day.  Around the 90’s there were just threads and web forms then it evolved into more of a personal diary kind of like it is today. The term blog was brought up as a joke by a guy named Peter Merholz. Now almost anyone can make a blog through blogging site and software when before there was not really much available unless you owned your own website.  In 1999 a few blogging site were published exmplaes:, Open Diary, Live Journal, really helped start this whole part of the internet know as blogging.  Now people can create blogs for almost anything they want from protesting against something or just keeping in touch with old friends.

With blogging you can talk to and share you ideas with anyone around the world.  You’re going to met all different kinds of people that might have different idea then you.  You might have a problem that you can’t find a solution for so you go on the internet for some help. You happen to stumble onto someone’s blog about the same problem and how they solved that problem in a way you had not even thought about before.  There are thousands of people out there with similar problems that come up with completely different answers then you and they have step by step details on how they did it all on the internet you just have to know where to look.