Podcasting is digital series on information that gets released in a series and downloaded through the internet.  It is very much like an RSS feed where you have to use a Podcatcher to be able to get the newest downloads.  The most common used podcatcher are itunes, zune, juice and winamp they just download the newest files in the series through web feeds.  Anyone in the world pretty much if they have a computer they them self can make a podcast.  Podcast is not like broadcasting through the T.V and radio but download through the internet and onto people computer or music devices.  The term podcasting is still under debate some thing it comes form the Apple Ipod well others have different opinions.  Then Vodcasting is the newer, better podcasting.  Although they are similar Vodacasting is a few steps above podcasting but adding video and more interactive features.  They both still run off RSS feeds and Pod/Vod  catchers.  This whole thing kind of surprises me I really didn’t know this kind of thing was out there.  Although I am still not really sure what kind of information gets put up in podcast I think I will have to try some to fully understand how podcast really work and how they are used?  Vodcasting seems a little trickier like it would be done more on a computer rather then an ipod.  Also do you just simply delete an old podcast/vodcast when you’re done with it?