So I have heard lately that twitter is where most professionals are at now a day.  Twitter is a text based entry or post of what ever you’re doing.  It is meant to be a small entry has to be shorter then140 characters in length.  It is is pretty much to stay connected with people in your life and tell about the small things in your life.  You can tweet as it is called about almost anything you want examples “Testing out some new coffee this morning yum blah blah blah coffee” or “Started reading a new book today the world and you”. Twitter is a free social networking service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets.  You can follow almost anyone on twitter form your best friend to even famous celebrities. I myself do not use twitter but after doing this research I can see it has many advantages being connected to twitter.  IF we don’t have to do it in class I am thinking about signing up for twitter and post some tweets and what ever you do.   Twitter you can easily learn a lot about people by what they post about like, like if you didn’t know about and he is a big Dallas stars fan.  You to know a lot of the small things in people lives that you might not know or get to talk to them about.